Walmart Will Now Deliver Groceries Straight to Your Fridge

Grocery delivery just got a little more personal. On Tuesday, Walmart announced the launch of its new direct-to-fridge grocery delivery service called Walmart InHome. The program allows Walmart employees to enter your home and deliver food straight to your fridge or pantry, so you can say goodbye to trips to the grocery store.

According to a press release, the retailer began testing the home delivery service in 2017, and the program is now launching for about 1 million customers in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Vero Beach, Florida. Walmart hopes to expand the service to other cities nationwide in the coming months.

Unlike other grocery delivery services—like AmazonFresh or InstaCart—that drop food on your doorstep, Walmart InHome uses smart technology to let the delivery person inside your home, even when you’re not there. You’ll need to purchase a $50 smart lock (that normally retails for $250) or a smart garage door kit that Walmart will install for free. The subscription service, which includes unlimited deliveries, costs about $20 a month.

So how exactly does it work? Once you order groceries online or through the Walmart Grocery app, the delivery person, who’s equipped with a body camera, receives a one-time access code to unlock the smart lock. It only works during your specified delivery window and while the employee’s camera is recording. You can watch the delivery on your smartphone via a live-stream that starts when the employee enters the door. The minimum order for each delivery is $30.


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