The Great Debate: What is the worst thing about international breaks?

Just like that, another international break is over and it is back to club football until next month.

But as we prepare for that, we’re asking what is the worst thing about these fixtures?

Lewis Ambrose

The lack of high profile matches, at least on paper. A month ago the only remotely interesting game in Europe was between Germany and the Netherlands. This time around, nothing.

Sure, there are some surprises – England losing to the Czech Republic, Spain drawing with Norway – but even then, the big teams will comfortably qualify for Euro 2020.

This break has just been devoid of tension and gripping sporting stories. I preferred the Nations League.

Dan Burke

Can I shock you? I actually quite like the international break.

I’ve never been that passionate about international football so the breaks provide a welcome reprieve from the stress and anxiety which comes with supporting a club team for nine months of the year.

But if any Manchester City players pick up injuries during this break, I might just have to reassess that opinion.

Phil Costa

It drives me mad when a new season starts, and the flow is instantly disrupted by the international break.

Four games, break. Another four games, break. Teams don’t get time to gel or find their groove, not to mention the players that return injured.

Just take a month around January and play all the games then!

Paddy Higgs

For me, it’s not the lack of club football, it’s the lack of predictability to the fixtures.

I enjoy a Saturday afternoon game on the telly and the random fixtures across the international break don’t really allow for that.

Pádraig Whelan

I still watch every game but as someone from Scotland, the international break is nothing short of depressing these days.

The worst thing about it is knowing that each defeat (or maybe a draw here or there) continues extending the 21-year wait to qualify for a major tournament.

It is grim to see a football-obsessed nation fall so far.


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