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Look: World’s largest underwater theme park opens in Bahrain

Dive Bahrain, the world’s largest underwater theme park spanning an area of 100,000 square metres – complete with a sunken Boeing 747 – is now open to diving enthusiasts. The site, in close proximity to Bahrain International Airport, has a 70 metre-long decommissioned Boeing 747 as its centerpiece, the largest

More people are traveling the world than ever. But the number coming to America is dropping

Travelers can’t get enough of globe-trotting. But have they had enough of the United States? According to the World Tourism Organization, a United Nations agency, the number of international tourist arrivals around the world reached 1.4 billion last year. That represented a 6 percent increase, and the organization forecast the

The best 1-star reviews of the Seven Wonders of the World

Back around 400 B.C., scholars of ancient Greece jotted down a listicle of the seven best tourist attractions, paving the way for future travel bloggers everywhere. “Lighthouse of Alexandria. What a lighthouse! Five stars,” they proclaimed on their scrolls, as I envision it. Today, only one of the original ancient

The World’s First Guitar-shaped Hotel Is Now Accepting Reservations

The door to living out your rock ‘n’ roll fantasy is about to swing open. The Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida — also known as the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel — will start taking reservations this week, and you might want to mark your calendar. The new, $1.5-billion Seminole

This Is the Tallest Mountain That Has Never Been Climbed

You’ve probably known since elementary school that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. You heard the stories about intrepid explorers, daring rescues like this one, and you’ve seen the blockbuster movies. But a lesser-known, and surprising, mountaineering fact is the number of mountain peaks out there that are

The 9 most beautiful harbours in the world

1. Sydney, Australia Entered through a relatively narrow passage between two towering sandstone cliffs, Sydney Harbour would be beautiful without its iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The harbour is home to tiny inlets and bays, surrounded by untouched bushland, and even around the bustling CBD (Central Business District) the

Microsoft aims to bring One-Click shopping to the real world using holographic buttons

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Mixed Reality and is making sure that other companies follow the footsteps. While Mixed Reality is still a small niche catering to a very select group of people, Microsoft has been trying to broaden their audiences. One of the recent patents suggests