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The 9 most beautiful harbours in the world

1. Sydney, Australia Entered through a relatively narrow passage between two towering sandstone cliffs, Sydney Harbour would be beautiful without its iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The harbour is home to tiny inlets and bays, surrounded by untouched bushland, and even around the bustling CBD (Central Business District) the

Microsoft aims to bring One-Click shopping to the real world using holographic buttons

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Mixed Reality and is making sure that other companies follow the footsteps. While Mixed Reality is still a small niche catering to a very select group of people, Microsoft has been trying to broaden their audiences. One of the recent patents suggests

Simple changes in conventional farming practices, particularly those that repair soil, could be the key to feeding the world

Not surprisingly, the promises that GMOs would save the world from hunger have failed to materialize. In addition to failing to make inroads in this serious issue, they’re also causing a slew of health and environmental problems. It’s clear that a different approach is needed, and it looks like one