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Tesla shares video of Roadster’s wild acceleration

Tesla has released a short video showing the acceleration capabilities of its forthcoming Roadster, but we’re not sure why. The video shows the company’s new Roadster, an all-electric sports car with performance that’s promised to be wild. The video even has the caption of “zero to sixty faster than you

Samsung’s new video highlights the features of new 2019 Edition Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung today published a new video to highlight the features of new 2019 Edition Samsung Notebook 9. The newest version of the Notebook 9 comes in three different versions offering a 13.3” to a 15” screen and enhanced graphics capabilities. They weigh up to 2.84 pounds and measure up to 15.4mm.

Microsoft polling Windows 10 Insiders directly using Skype video interviews

Microsoft loves getting feedback from their users (even the calculator has a feedback pop-up) and they are now taking things to the next level. An MSPoweruser.com reader has tipped us off to a new method Microsoft is using to gather direct user feedback – Skype video interviews. Windows 10 Insiders

Instagram redesigns its profiles to emphasize users over follower numbers

Instagram is looking at making a number of potential changes to the profile page that deemphasise the number of followers you have to a way of facilitating communication more easily. The firm took a step towards this week by deleting followers from accounts which used bots and fake followers to appear to be more

Facebook launches Lasso, its competitor to TikTok

Facebook last night launched Lasso, its competitor to the widely popular TikTok short-video service. Lasso will let anyone create and share short videos with fun filters and effects. Users can follow creators, search hashtags, discover popular viral video trends and join in by putting your own spin on them. Lasso features:

A new browser extension will allow users to open YouTube videos directly in myTube app

myTube is a popular app for Windows devices that allow users to stream YouTube videos. The app is complete with features and is updated regularly. However, the app is still not complete as it can’t open YouTube links directly in the app. Thankfully, a developer found a solution to the

WhatsApp Group Video Calling rolling out to Windows Phone users

WindowsArea.de reports that WhatsApp is in the process of rolling out group voice and video calling to WhatsApp users on Windows Phone. Previously available to WhatsApp beta users, an update to the mainstream Windows Phone app brings the feature now also to regular users. The change would let Windows Phone users have simultaneous

Picture-in-Picture mode for videos soon coming to the world’s most popular browser

Picture-in-Picture mode for videos lets you detach videos from a web page and place it anywhere on your screen while still playing, letting you, for example, continue watching a training video while reading the training material or have a recipe video and ingredient list visible at the same time. Google

YouTube is paying its creators to use Twitch style features

YouTube really wants its content creators and stars to invest in it. According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is offering stars cash ranging from sums as much as “tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.” YouTube has introduced new features over the past year including paid memberships for

Firefox Nightly gets support for automatically muting sites

The fight against auto-playing media has become increasingly popular as a competitive point amongst browser makers, with Edge being one of the leaders with the ability to block both sound and video by default. Now Firefox has added the option to automatically block sound playing, which should mean fewer surprises