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The Average New Land Cruiser Owner Keeps Their Truck For Over 11 Years

The Toyota Land Cruiser is famously built to last. Used across the Australian Outback, throughout Africa’s toughest areas and in violent conflict zones by United Nations peacekeeping forces, it’s supposed to outlast everything else in the harshest conditions. According to a new study by iSeeCars, it’s also outlasting everything in

Uber ends autonomous truck program to focus on self-driving cars

Two years after Uber bought self-driving truck developer Otto to the tune of $680 million, the ride hailing company announced on Monday that the Uber Advanced Technologies Group is shuttering its autonomous truck unit. The company remains committed to further developing its self-driving car platform, which has only killed one pedestrian

Einride debuts a funky-looking autonomous logging truck

Einride, the Swedish transport company known for the T-pod self-driving truck that looks like a giant freezer on wheels, is back with another funky/futuristic-looking vehicle. Its new Level 4 autonomous vehicle is called the T-log, and if it looks a bit trippy or off for a logging truck, that’s because it