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New Study Finds Travel Priorities Shift as We Age

Memo to travel brands everywhere: globetrotters say sustainability is critical and brand loyalty is not. The just-released Priceline Generation Travel Index, a study of more than 1,500 U.S. adults spanning four generations – Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers – revealed that across all generations “sustainability” was cited as

I paid $22 to walk across the famous glass bridge that spans China’s ‘Grand Canyon,’ and it was the worst experience I had in a year of traveling the world for work

I left New York a year ago to travel around the world as Business Insider’s international correspondent.While I’ve had some epic adventures, some bucket-list attractions were overpriced, uninspiring, overcrowded, or just plain boring. The worst offender was the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge in China, the longest and highest glass

Microsoft Bing Maps finally gets route traffic coloring

Microsoft Bing Maps is finally getting route traffic coloring feature. Google Maps users will find it very familiar as Microsoft is using the same colors as Google. Blue color indicates no traffic delays, the orange and red colors highlight moderate to heavy traffic delays on the route. Like Google, Bing

The World’s Longest Flight Is so High-Tech

This Singapore Airlines plane is specially designed to cut jet lag and make a 19-hour flight bearable, and dare we say, actually enjoyable.Swimming with whales off the coast of Tahiti and slurping soba noodles in Japan rank pretty high on the list of must-do travel experiences. But for most, a root

The safest and riskiest destinations for solo travellers ranked

The safest countries for solo travellers have been revealed. Sinagpore comes top with a score of 97 in the list compiled by travel website WeGoPlaces. Following the Asian city-state in the top five is Norway (93), Iceland (93), Finland (93) and Uzebekistan (91), which will allow British travellers to visit

Microsoft now allows you to create a new travel itinerary on Bing

Early this year, Bing Maps announced itineraries for popular travel destinations in the US and UK. Back in July, Microsoft announced the ability for users to customize these itineraries to make them their own. Today, Microsoft is adding the ability to create a new itinerary from scratch. To get started, open My