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Tomatoes seeds and The skins make for highly nutritious animal feed.Don’t throw them away!

Tomatoes are among the most planted crops in the world – they are produced in literally every continent, even in Antarctica. Tomato is also the biggest vegetable crop, with world production averaging at 100 million tons annually, although other figures climb up to 170 million tons.  To say that the world uses a

Tomato wastes found to possess high nutritional value

The world produces more than 100 million tons of tomatoes every year, a large percentage of which goes to making tomato-based products. Unfortunately, not all parts of the tomato are used. A study published in the CyTA – Journal of Food evaluates the nutritional content of tomato waste and the possibility of

Disease-causing bacteria attack tomato and pepper plants by injecting a protein that manipulates nutrients and hormone balance

Xanthomonas bacteria are known to damage economically important crops by using destructive effector proteins that break down plant cells. Recently, a German research group discovered the specific means by which one of these effectors interrupted a plant’s nutrient supply and disrupted its hormones, reported a ScienceDaily article. Dr. Bonas’ group has been studying the

Tomato wastes show potential value as animal feed as they still possess a high nutritional content

We don’t usually give a second thought to the food waste that we produce when preparing or cooking food. However, according to a study, tomato wastes can potentially be used as animal feed because it is rich in nutrients. The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a popular vegetable, and as of 2014, more than

Reverse smoking damage with fresh apples and tomatoes: Study finds they repair lung tissue and slow aging of the lungs It’s a known fact that smoking

adversely affects the body, particularly the lungs. However, a study discovered a way to reverse the damage caused by smoking. In particular, a diet rich in fresh fruits, such as tomatoes and apples could repair lung tissue and slow the natural aging process of the lungs. A team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins

Tomatoes are your best bet to prevent stomach cancer

Eating tomatoes may not only be good for your skin, but it may also help you prevent stomach cancer. According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular Physiology, tomato extracts can inhibit the growth of stomach cancer cells, which may be potentially useful in supporting conventional treatments. Stomach cancer is one of the