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Even in Canada’s electric-vehicle utopia, you can’t miss what’s hampering EV sales

On Salt Spring Island, you can see the same issues keeping people across Canada from going electric The cars pass almost silently, but you see hundreds of them on the streets. Salt Spring Island, Canada’s green magnet, claims to have the highest concentration of electric vehicle owners in North America. And it

Tesla shares video of Roadster’s wild acceleration

Tesla has released a short video showing the acceleration capabilities of its forthcoming Roadster, but we’re not sure why. The video shows the company’s new Roadster, an all-electric sports car with performance that’s promised to be wild. The video even has the caption of “zero to sixty faster than you

The “$35,000” Tesla Model 3 Is No More, and It Seems That It Never Was

Tesla has changed around the Model 3 lineup, raising prices due to newly standard Autopilot and removing the least expensive Standard Range model from its online ordering The Standard Range car, which will now cost more than the originally promised $35,000 base price ($36,200 with destination), will now only be

Tesla’s electric cars can almost drive themselves, but the keyword is “almost.”

Tesla Motors debuted its semi-autonomous driving system, called Autopilot, back in 2014. It employs an array of cameras and both radar and ultrasonic sensors located around the car and essentially incorporates the car’s suite of driver-assistance features to enable rudimentary self-driving on the highway. Originally offered as part of a

Tesla finally rolls out “Navigate on Autopilot” for its vehicles

Earlier this month, Tesla rolled out its 9.0 software to its cars, but it didn’t introduce a feature for some additional testing: Navigate on Autopilot. Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a beta test of the feature will become widely available across North America. As described by Tesla: Our

Mercedes will make EV batteries in Alabama

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is getting a $1 billion upgrade, and it includes building a new battery factory for its future electric vehicles. According to the automaker, the plant will manufacture batteries for Benz’s EQ line of EVs, starting with its first electric SUV (the EQC) unveiled back in September. Since part of that

Tesla adds Atari games and dash camera feature in new software update

Tesla has officially released the ninth version of its in-car software, which includes a new dash cam feature, Atari games (playable when parked), improved navigation, and more in what the company calls its “most substantial update yet.” Software version 9.0, as it’s called, is available to download on all Tesla cars

Tesla’s sleek wireless smartphone charger will soon be available again

Last month Tesla  introduced a limited edition smartphone charger. Even though it was overpriced and slow, the charger quickly sold out. Now Tesla says the charger will soon be available again and at a lower price. The charger features 6,000mAh of juice and 5W of wireless output charging and 7.5W through USB. The

Tesla offers ‘immediate’ Model 3 deliveries to boost sales numbers

Tesla is determined to burnish its Model 3 sales figures, and that means getting the EV into customers’ hands as quickly as possible — including through some unconventional methods. Electrek has learned that Tesla is emailing reservation holders promising “immediate delivery” of certain rear wheel drive Model 3s on a “first-come, first served basis.” It’s starting

Morgan Stanley: Tesla’s autonomous ride-sharing network is worth one-tenth of Waymo

Morgan Stanley  has valued Tesla’s  autonomous vehicle ride-sharing business, which does not yet exist, at $17.7 billion, about one-tenth of Waymo’s value, yet still above GM Cruise, the investment firm said in a research note published Tuesday. The $17.7 billion valuation, or about $95 per Tesla share, is notably lower than the $244

Tesla’s Roadster prompts Koenigsegg to rethink its supercars

Did you suspect that supercar manufacturers would be nervous when Tesla vowed that its next-gen Roadster would deliver a “hardcore smackdown” to gas-powered performance cars? Your hunch was well-founded. In a chat with Top Gear, Koenigsegg’s namesake founder Christian von Koenigsegg revealed that his company started reworking its engines just to remain competitive with the

Tesla’s new Roadster will appear on ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ August 23rd

Tesla’s new Roadster has been virtually impossible to see outside of its original launch event unless you’ve been fortunate enough to spot a prototype in the wild. You’re about to get a better peek, though. CNBC is teasing a close look at the electric supercar with the August 23rd episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, with Jay Leno