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Health experts and doctors reveal the pills and supplements they take

One in three Brits now take a daily nutritional supplement. And the UK vitamins, herbs, enzymes, amino acids and minerals market is estimated to have netted and incredible £442million last year alone, according to research by Mintel. Yet when it comes to NHS guidelines, the Department of Health only recommends

Why taurine is much more than an athletic performance supplement

Aside from boosting athletic performance, taurine offers many benefits for your physical and mental health. It is even used to ease conditions like anxiety, depression, diabetes, and insomnia. What is taurine and why is it good for you? Athletes and bodybuilders often use taurine as a supplement to enhance their physical performance.

Eating organic food and using supplements can prevent zinc and iron deficiencies

The world’s food supply is seriously lacking in iron and zinc, according to an international study led by researchers from the U.K. and Austria. Their article, released in the journal Global Food Security, looked at the current micronutrient deficiency in food systems around the world, especially in areas that need it. This phenomenon,

Children and teens who supplement with vitamin K have a reduced risk of fractures

Researchers have discovered a new approach to make the bones of children and teenagers stronger. A pilot study from Poland, the U.S., and the Netherlands, which was published in the journal Nutrients, revealed that children and teenagers who consume more vitamin K were less likely to experience bone fractures. In the study,

You need to keep on taking probiotic supplements for the effects to last

Your body has trillions of bacteria, but not all of them are bad. A surprisingly large percentage of your bacteria population lives in your gut, and most of them are good for you. They’re called probiotics or “good” gut bacteria. You tend to lose them over time because of one

Insufficient acetylcholine responsible for those “senior moments” – here are natural ways to increase its levels

Acetylcholine earned its title of the “memory molecule” for a good reason. Low levels of the normally numerous neurotransmitter can make even young and otherwise smart people every bit the senile senior citizen. An article on Be Brain Fit shows how you can boost the amount of acetylcholine in your brain. The initial

L-Glutamine: The Intestinal Helper

Glutamine is found naturally in your body; it supports the intestines and other organs. Some experts believe that the supplement L-glutamine may help relieve diarrhea induced by surgery, infections, or stress. It may help some people better absorb nutrients. That includes people with too much unfriendly bacteria in their digestive

Chamomile: More Than a Soothing Tea

Chamomile is widely used for multiple ailments. Naturalists have tried chamomile in an effort to treat digestive problems such as upset stomach, colic, and nausea, as well as anxiety and insomnia. People with some plant allergies like ragweed, though, could possibly have an allergic reaction to chamomile. Always discuss your

How Much Protein Do You Exactly Need For Weight Loss?

For men who are trying to reduce body fat and retain lean muscle simultaneously, the key lies in systematic calorie restriction along with adequate protein intake. It’s owing to a number of pivotal factors that eating adequate protein is almost synonymous to your success while you’re on a weight-loss journey.