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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope may be back in action shortly

NASA engineers have figured out how to bring the ailing Hubble Space Telescope back online after troubleshooting an instrument that wasn’t working properly. The observatory, currently in orbit around Earth, has been in safe mode since October 5th when a crucial piece of steering hardware — needed to point the telescope —

NASA looks to build a robot that can search other planets for bacteria

While NASA’s rovers have looked for signs of life outside of our world, they haven’t searched for life directly. But Melissa Floyd, a scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, is working on a device that might change that. She wants to build an instrument that could look through soil and rock samples for

SpaceX relaunches the final Falcon 9 rocket design

Tonight, SpaceX has launched a satellite to geostationary orbit, but that payload isn’t what makes this mission special: it’s the rocket itself. The private space corporation has reused a Block 5 booster for the first time, the same one it used to launch a Bangladesh communications satellite back in May. Block 5 is the

Cold War rivals US and Soviet Union met in space in 1975

On July 17, 1975, US spacecraft Apollo 18 and Soviet Union’s Soyuz 19 docked in space to create history. During the 44-hour Apollo-Soyuz rendezvous, astronauts and cosmonauts conducted experiments, shared meals, and held a joint news conference. A NASA astronaut later said, “If the Soviet Union and America could work

Lockheed Martin creates its largest 3D-printed space part to date

Lockheed Martin has just finished the final series of quality control tests for an enormous titanium dome meant to serve as caps for satellite fuel tanks. It’s not just any ordinary dome, though: the enormous component measures four feet in diameter and is the company’s biggest 3D-printed space component to date. Its previous

Why It’s Hard to Recognize a Black Hole

Astronomers can sometimes be literal to a fault. We like to call things as we see them. For example, if it’s red and it’s huge: “Red Giant.” White and small: “White Dwarf.” Massive explosion: “Big Bang.” Dark and sucks everything in: “Black Hole.” Most of the time, classifying objects this

Virgin Galactic plans to launch customers to space from a future Italian spaceport

Today, US space tourism venture Virgin Galactic announced a new partnership with two of Italy’s biggest aerospace companies to someday launch people into space from the European country. The plan is to eventually conduct flights of Virgin Galactic’s passenger spaceplane from Italy’s future Grottaglie Spaceport, which will be located at an airport

The interstellar space rock that mystified astronomers is actually a comet

A mysterious space rock, first spotted in 2017, bewildered astronomers — was it an icy comet, a rocky asteroid, or something entirely new? As the object, called ‘Oumuamua, hurtles away from us, the mystery may be solved: it’s accelerating like a comet. Researchers tracked the space rock’s trajectory on its way out