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Pandora launches its own smart voice assistant for mobile apps

Pandora, the largest streaming music provider in the U.S, yesterday announced the launch of its own native smart voice assistant for its mobile apps. This new feature called Voice Mode will allow users to control Pandora mobile apps using voice commands. Supported voice commands include: Control requests to change stations,

Microsoft Research finds Smart Speakers could image rooms with sound

Microsoft Research has been doing some research into speaker and microphone arrays as often found in smart speakers. They have found that an array of speakers could be used for beamforming, allowing them to direct sound to a specific location in a room. This allowed the researchers to use distant speakers

Amazon’s new Echo Show features bigger screen, 8 mics and finally a browser

Amazon has introduced a new Amazon Echo Show with a significantly larger screen. The device now features a “high resolution” 10-inch HD display with an 8-mic array. The speakers have also been improved, with dual, side-firing 2” Neodymium drivers, a passive bass radiator and Dolby processing to deliver expansive stereo

Google Assistant can now do things automatically at a scheduled time

Back at Google I/O, Google announced two new features for Google Assistant: custom routines and schedules — both focusing on automating things you do regularly, but in different ways. The first lets you trigger multiple commands with a single custom phrase — like saying “Hey Google, I’m awake” to unsilence your