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Forget infinity pools: High-end travelers today prefer to make an impact

Luxury travelers in 2019 want more than just Champagne and infinity pools, according to the business director of a luxury safari company. Chris Roche, the business development director at Wilderness Holdings, which owns luxury safari company Wilderness Safaris, told Business Insider that big-ticket travelers in 2019 have high expectations of

Southwest Airlines Forced to Pull Service From Newark Airport as Boeing 737 Max Remains Grounded

After months of ongoing flight cancellations related to the ongoing grounding of the Boeing 737 Max following two deadly crashes, Southwest Airlines has announced that it is pulling service from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary C. Kelly announced the move during the company’s second

How Delta Plans to Make Flying International Economy Much More Pleasant

Airlines often pour a lot of love into the service and amenities they offer their international business- and first-class fliers—and rightfully so. But what about the rest of us? Well, this fall, Delta Air Lines is debuting an enhanced main cabin experience on international flights that is bringing added class

Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all

Mozilla today announced that its free file transfer service Firefox Send is now available for everyone. Mozilla today also announced the launch of Firefox Send beta for Android devices. Firefox Send offers end-to-end encryption along with security controls that you can set. For example, you can choose when your file link

Your iPhone has a SECRET log of everywhere you’ve been – here’s how to find it

iPhone users are leaving behind a trail of information about all the places they’ve been – and they may not even realise they’re doing it. While the iPhone’s location capabilities are extremely useful when it comes to navigation, the thought of it tracking your every move might sound less appealing.

Microsoft makes MileIQ enterprise-friendly by adding support for Azure Active Directory

MileIQ is an automatic mileage-tracking service from Microsoft that makes it simple to log business drives for reimbursements or tax purposes. Workers need to just download the MileIQ app and the app will track their business drives in the background. Microsoft is now making this app more enterprise-friendly by adding

Microsoft’s Android strategy comes into focus

Microsoft has been creating an ecosystem of applications for Android with features such as tracking employees but which make little sense when end users can simply use alternate apps without the reporting features. Today, however, Microsoft announced a new feature for Intune for Android designed specifically for locked down devices