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This a Samsung Galaxy Fold I would pay $2000 for (concept video)

I think many of our readers will agree that despite the Samsung Galaxy Fold being an amazing accomplishment, in many areas it is a step back from the current state of the art, ranging from the small, large-bezelled external screen to the notched internal screen. Jermaine Smit, better known as Concept

This feature make it difficult to keep Samsung Galaxy S10 camera clean

Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature in in-display Infinity-O camera, but it will not in fact be Samsung’s first handset with the camera, with the Samsung Galaxy A8 already on sale with the same technology. That handset features some cool animations around the camera, and Samsung’s designers have also found other

Samsung might be launching a foldable laptop with flexible screen soon

It looks like Samsung is obsessed with foldable displays as the new leak reveals that the Korean giant might be working on a foldable laptop. We have already seen the company confirm on multiple occasions that they’re working on a foldable smartphone which will be launched soon. Now a new statement

Be careful what you believe about screen time making you blind

If you believe the headlines that have been circulating over the past few weeks, staring at screens is ruining our eyes. “Blue light from phones, tablets could accelerate blindness and hurt vision, study finds,” USA Today declared. Only, that particular study didn’t actually test the blue light that comes out of screens — and

Screen time is hard on your eyes: Here’s how to protect them

We rely on our visual system to help us perceive the world around us through visual cues that are then sent to the brain for interpretation. These cues include color, shapes, size, distance, depth, movement and temperature. The eyes process tons of information every day, and these information mostly come from digital

Screen Sketch app gets updated for Windows Insiders, improves Screenshot quality

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for Screen Sketch app for Windows Insiders. The latest update bumps the app to v10.1806.1901.0 and improves the screenshot quality. With Microsoft set to replace Snipping tool with Screen Sketch, the app needs to be refined in order to be replaced completely. When