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Scientists solve mystery of pristine weapons of China’s Terracotta Warriors

For decades, scientists have been perplexed by the marvelous preservation of bronze weapons associated with China’s famed Terracotta Warriors, retaining shiny, almost pristine surfaces and sharp blades after being buried for more than two millennia. Research by an international team of scientists published on Thursday may solve the mystery while

Scientists build a self-healing, stretchable electronic skin

The jellyfish — a transparent, gelatinous blob that fills the world’s oceans — doesn’t inherently seem like much of an inspirational creature. But don’t tell the scientists at the National University of Singapore that. They’ve been inspired by the humble, transparent invertebrates to build their latest creation: a self-healing, stretchable,

The Moon Has ‘Moving Water,’ but Don’t Break Out Your Swimsuit

Tabloids reported over the weekend that a “bombshell” report found moving water on the Moon which could lead to “Moon colonization.” Obviously, those headlines are misleading—there are no rivers flowing along the lunar surface. Let’s talk about what really happened. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a probe that has orbited