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Samsung to use AMD custom graphics IP in smartphones and other products

Samsung today announced a multi-year strategic partnership with AMD. As part of this partnership, Samsung will get access to custom graphics IP based on the AMD’s highly-scalable RDNA graphics architecture. Samsung will use this IP in smartphones and other products. As a result, Samsung will pay license fees and royalties

Samsung announces a new vertical TV targeting millennials

Samsung today announced “The Sero,” a new TV with a vertical screen. With this TV, Samsung is targeting the millennials who consume most of their content in vertical format on services like Instagram, Snapchat and others. This new vertical TV comes with NFC support allowing users to to just tap

Samsung Request takedown of Galaxy Fold teardown

Despite initial optimism for its release, the Samsung Galaxy Fold turned out to have design flaws which couldn’t be ignored.  Samsung were forced to delay the global release of the phone after reviewers experienced many screen-related issues; including fragility and small bodies being wedged underneath it. iFixit took matters into

This Samsung display might be the next breakthrough in the smartphone technology i8

Wouldn’t it be nice if we have just one device for all our computing needs? For consumers, it’s certainly a great idea and seems quite possible to achieve. Samsung believes it can pull it off. The company has already started its preparation to peruse ‘one device to rule them all’

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 family now on sale in the Microsoft Store, starting at $849.99

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 devices have gone on sale in most of the world today and have also equally quickly reached the Microsoft Store. The smartphones (S10, S10+ and S1oe), which are currently regarded as some of the best Android phones of 2019 are accompanied by equally great accessories such as the

Launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be an exclusive “concierge-like” experience

Samsung is not about to let any riff-raff lay hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. According to Kate Beaumont, director of product, services, and commercial strategy at Samsung UK, Samsung will not be displaying the “super premium” device at most stores. “This is a super premium device, and we want to

Samsung Galaxy S10 have problem about fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 is finally out and it somehow managed to launch with several controversies. Just before the launch, a rumour broke out which claimed that the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner doesn’t work over screen protectors. Samsung is not the first company to launch a device with an in-display fingerprint

Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Watch/ Sports smartwatch

We have already seen renders of Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch leak, and today we have detailed specs, courtesy of leaked firmware. The firmware shows a slightly bigger device with an upgraded processor, LTE, GPS, speaker and improved sensor suite. There is however no evidence of an ECG or BP Monitor sensor.

Samsung new Apple Watch rival looks sleek in leaked render

Samsung is working on a new fitness-orientated smartwatch to launch with the Samsung Galaxy S10. Details of the device have been leaking over the last few months, and now for the first time a marketing render of the wearable has been revealed, showing the device in all its glory. The