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Iranian pop star Behnam Safavi dies of cancer complications at 36

Iranian pop star Behnam Safavi died on Monday at the age of 36 after a nearly four-year battle with brain cancer. “Iran’s polite boy of music, the creator of the albums ‘Be My Love’, ‘Calm’, ‘Extraordinary’ and ‘The Miracle’ rested in a perfect peace forever in Isfahan a few minutes

How music can change the way you feel and act

Music is present in every part of our lives. Our spiritual rituals are framed with songs, children learn the alphabet through song and the malls and cafes we visit during our leisure time are rarely silent. But just how much can this ever-present thing impact us — and the way

Apple Music subscribers can now stream music on US flights for free

Apple today announced a deal with American Airlines in the US that will allow Apple Music subscribers to enjoy over 50 million songs, playlists and music videos inside the flights without purchasing a WiFi-plan. It is important to note that this offer will be valid only on domestic American Airlines

saunas, performance enhancing music, and friendly giants: the things no one tells you before you join a gym

gyms are mysterious places. They might look like simple rooms filled with treadmills and resistance training machines, but that’s to ignore all the unspoken rules. For one, there’s the false expectation that in order to enter you have to look like a sunkissed Instagram influencer who’s just glugged down a

R. Kelly Music Banned by Two Dallas Radio Stations

R. Kelly’s bad week just got worse as two prominent Dallas radio stations banned the controversial R&B star’s music. As the fallout of Lifetime’s docuseries Surviving R. Kelly rumbles on, the urban-format stations KRNB and K104 confirmed in segments on-air that they will never again spin Kelly’s songs. “Smooth R&B 105.7

Google will put YouTube ads back to back to stop multiple ad breaks

Google is testing running ads back to back on YouTube in order to improve the viewer experience. Currently, users can have their videos interrupted y ads mid flow — an experience which is not conducive to binging and is especially distracting when watching longer video essays on the platform. Google suggests that stacking ads

What Spotify can learn from Tencent Music

On Tuesday, Tencent Music Entertainment filed for an IPO in the US that is expected to value it in the $25-30 billion range, on par with Spotify’s IPO in April. The filing highlights just how different its social interaction and digital goods business is from the subscription models of leading music streaming services in

Pandora Premium and Deezer music streaming support now available on Google Home speakers

Google today announced that it is brining support for Pandora Premium and Deezer music to Google Home speakers including Mini and Max. With this support, you can now ask your Google Assistant to play some of your favorite songs using these services. To get started, you need to link your Pandora Premium and

Music therapy helps burn patients recover more quickly

The effectiveness of music as a form of therapy for burn patients has been evaluated by researchers at The Third Military Medical University in China. In their study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, they determined the effect of music during treatments by conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of

You can now wake up to your favorite music on Spotify with the updated Google Clock app

With the updated Google Clock app releasing today, you can change the classic alarm sounds for your favorite song. You now have the ability to wake up to your favorite music on Spotify, and yes it works for both Free and Premium Spotify users. To set the new musical alarms, first update

Apple could bundle TV, music and news in a single subscription

According to a report from The Information, Apple could choose to bundle all its media offerings into a single subscription. While Apple’s main media subscription product is currently Apple Music, it’s no secret that the company is investing in other areas. In particular, Apple has bought the distribution rights of