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Welfare money is paying for a lot of things besides welfare

What do a Christian overnight camp, pro-marriage advertisements all have in common? They’ve all been funded with money that used to provide cash assistance for low-income families. In the U.S., the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program—often known simply as “welfare”—is administered by the 50 states, which have considerable

GTA Online is offering free in-game money for playing this week

Rockstar Games is offering players in-game money for playing GTA Online. “Play GTA Online any day this week and qualify for a GTA$250,000 bonus. For each subsequent day you play you’ll also earn an additional GTA$150,000 all the way through September 10th.” This is all part of Grand Theft Auto’s end of summer

The impacts of clean air extend beyond our health: Economists say air pollution costs us real money

Keeping air pollution at bay is an expensive affair. Many entities in the United States’ business community opposed the passing of the Clean Air Act of 1970. The need for upgrades and updates in both equipment and policies, as well as the limits imposed by the law, cost time, money, and

Bing announces new features that will allow you to save money on hotel booking, home services and more

Microsoft Bing team recently announced several new features that will allow you to save money while booking hotels, home services, etc. These new features will offer you estimate and compare prices across multiple providers, give you insights to make the right trade-offs around price, and get more discounts on products.