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Many yogurt products found in supermarkets contain a dangerous amount of sugar

Yogurt, a popular dairy product made via the bacterial fermentation of milk, is a favorite among health-conscious consumers because it offers a lot of benefits. However, not all kinds of yogurt are good for you. According to a U.K. study, certain kinds of yogurt tend to be an “unrecognized” source of

Babies are less likely to develop a milk allergy when they drink milk from cows fed a natural diet

Infants who have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk can benefit from those that were fed with an organic diet that is rich in retinoic acid (RA), according to researchers. The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, looked the interaction between two components of cow’s milk – the vitamin A metabolite RA and the milk

Dairy alternatives: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Conventional dairy products are often one of the first substitutes a family makes when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. It makes perfect sense, when you consider that conventional dairy is pasteurized (enzymes destroyed), tainted with GMOs, and infected with residual antibiotics and hormones that have been injected into the cows producing