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Facebook Messenger gets one of the best features

Most of us would have accidentally sent a message to a wrong person or mistyped something during a chat. Until now, these mistakes cannot be undone easily as the messages once sent cannot be deleted. Starting today, Facebook Messenger is announcing a feature that will allow you to remove your

WhatsApp confirms that messages backed up on Google Drive are not encrypted

WhatsApp has been advertising their encryption policy for a while now. The company has left no stones unturned to make sure users understand that the messages are end-to-end encrypted and can’t be intercepted by anyone. However, it looks like the same can’t be said for Google Drive backups. Recently, the company

Google rolls back Android Messages to old design and removes dark mode

On Thursday, it looked as though Google was starting to roll out a redesigned version of its vital Android Messages app. The update featured some visual changes like getting rid of the blue bar at the top and switching over to the company’s Google Sans font. It also included a dark mode

Microsoft extends support for Skype classic app based on customer feedback

Microsoft last month announced that it will discontinue Skype classic app from September 1, 2018. Microsoft’s plan was to roll out an updated version of Skype (version 8.0) for desktop that will replace Skype version 7.0 (Skype classic). Based on the customer feedback, Microsoft today announced that it will support Skype classic

WhatsApp for iOS gets updated with the message forwarding limitations

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for iOS devices. The latest update enforces the forwarding limitations on iOS devices. Last month WhatsApp announced that the company will be limiting forwarding of messages to just 5 people. This came in light of the incidents that took place across India. The company

Microsoft brings inline message translation support to Teams

 Microsoft announced several new AI-powered features coming to Teams and one of them was support for Translation. Microsoft is now rolling out Inline message translation feature to all Microsoft Teams users. People who speak different languages will be able to fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat.

LinkedIn Messaging gets several new features including support for file attachments

LinkedIn today announced a major update for LinkedIn Messaging that will help LinkedIn members to easily communicate the way they want with others. Read about the new features and improvements that are part of this update below. 1) Support for attachments: You can now send Office files as attachments from your phone

Microsoft Teams now allows you to send code snippets in a message

If you are a software developer using Microsoft Teams as the primary communication tool, you are going to love this new feature. Microsoft Teams now allows you to send code snippets in messages you send. It supports syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and text wrapping control. In fact, Microsoft supports more than 45

Uber adds new features to ensure a smooth pickup

Uber is rolling out some new features aimed at making the pickup process simpler and more efficient. First, while the company began offering advanced booking in 2016, it’s now going to start guaranteeing your pickup time. If your driver doesn’t arrive within the time period you selected for the ride, Uber will

Microsoft working on call recording and several new features for Skype

Along with the announcement that Skype classic app will be discontinued from September, Microsoft announced that they are working on several new features including call recording for Skype for Windows. These new features will be coming later this summer. Read about these upcoming features below. Read receipts—See at a glance who’s read