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6 Delightful Cooling Lemon Recipes To Try This Summer

Lemon is one quintessential summer food that you must keep a stock of. The citrus fruit (often mistaken as a vegetable for its sour taste) is loaded with the power of vitamin C, which is essential for keeping the immune system robust and functioning properly. The characteristic taste of lemon

Dementia can reduce by almost 15% if you eat Citrus fruits

Dementia can reduce by Citrus fruits  and could help lower the risk of dementia by nearly 15 percent. Previous studies have reported that citrus fruits are in flavonoids, which can cross the blood-brain barrier and contribute to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. In turn, this could reverse and repair some forms

3 Natural drinks that can promote weight loss

When it comes to weight loss methods, fad diets are the least effective. The key to losing weight is following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. You can also shed the pounds by consuming natural drinks that promote weight loss, such as green tea. Here are three morning drinks that can help

You can easily avoid kidney stones by drinking more lemonade (the real kind)

Avoiding and treating kidney stones can be easily done by drinking more lemonade. This could be a natural alternative to taking medications or supplements for this painful ailment. Urologists increasingly prescribe lemonade as a natural remedy for kidney stones. People with kidney stones, or those who are prone to them, have