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More severely obese kids should get surgery, MD group says

Even some severely obese preteens should be considered for weight loss surgery, according to new recommendations. The guidance issued Sunday by the American Academy of Pediatrics is based on a review of medical evidence, including several studies showing that surgery in teens can result in marked weight loss lasting at

Study examines link between bad air quality and kids’ mental illness

A new study found that after exposure to short-term air pollution, children were more likely to go to the emergency room for anxiety and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Other research has also linked long-term pollution exposure to anxiety and depression in young people. Children in neighborhoods with higher poverty rates

Not all screen time causes kids to underperform in school, study says

It’s possible that not all screen time is equally bad for your child’s performance at school. A new review of 58 studies from 23 countries found only the time spent watching television and playing video games negatively impacted a child’s academics. That’s not really good news. On average, a typical

This Is What Happens When You Tease Kids about Their Weight, According to Science

Some parents believe that getting teased at school might help their kid develop a thick skin—but if it’s about their weight, the ridicule actually only makes matter worse. According to a new study published in the journal Pediatric Obesity, teasing children about their weight leads to more weight gain over

Spoon-fed babies at higher risk of becoming obese, researchers find

Are you setting up your baby to become obese by spoon-feeding them? Dr. Amy Brown certainly thinks so. The Swansea University associate professor has asserted that a baby-led feeding approach is superior to the traditional spoon-feeding style. The idea that babies who feed themselves are healthier and more adventurous eaters is one