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Can packaged foods be healthy? A dietitian breaks down the ingredients

The first processed frozen meals rolled off the conveyor belt in the early 50s and landed on the American dinner table. For the first time, a meal could be provided to the family with no prep at all, and without washing a single dinner plate. Soon, frozen meals started providing

What’s the Difference Between Soy Sauce, Shoyu, and Tamari?

Soy Sauce, Shoyu, and Tamari? One of the goals of What’s the Difference — besides pure delight, and being correct — is to make everyone’s worldviews a little bit bigger. So whether you’re the type of person whose pantry looks like a seventeenth-century apothecary or someone for whom the word

Here’s The Snack Joanna Gaines Loves to Make for Fall

Joanna Gaines has always said that because a snack is sweet doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. That’s why I went searching through Joanna’s blog, Magnolia, for ideas on fall snacks that we’d be happy to serve our kids—and to sneak a few for ourselves. I found Joanna’s recipe