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David Beckham Gives a Sneak Peek at His First Hotel, The Londoner Macao

England’s former soccer captain — and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet — David Beckham has unveiled plans for an unexpected career shift: “Golden Balls” is taking a swing at hotels. Beckham, 44, has unveiled plans for his first property, an ambitious, London-themed hotel in Macao, in

This Hotel Chain Is Offering ‘All You Can Stay’ at America’s Best College Towns This Summer

A hotel chain with locations in some of America’s best-known college towns is offering an “all you can stay” deal this summer. It’s the perfect excuse to take a vacation — and maybe learn something along the way. The Graduate Hall Pass costs $400, and will allow travelers to spend

Google is making it easier to find cheaper flights and hotels this holiday season

Google is making changes to its web apps today to make it easy for users who are booking flights this holiday season to find the best deals. Google is making use of its own Google News Labs ad Polygraph to show users now prices change over time periods around the holiday

Bing announces new features that will allow you to save money on hotel booking, home services and more

Microsoft Bing team recently announced several new features that will allow you to save money while booking hotels, home services, etc. These new features will offer you estimate and compare prices across multiple providers, give you insights to make the right trade-offs around price, and get more discounts on products.