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Google Chrome start page will soon go dark, will also allow you to set wallpapers

World’s number one internet browser, Google Chrome is about to get a major design overhaul. Chrome developers recently introduced two major changes to the browser’s start page in the Chrome Canary 75. The changes include support for the dark theme in the start page and ability to set wallpapers therein.

How to Install Progressive Web Apps and create web app shortcuts with Google Chrome

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing in desktop computing, with Microsoft, Google and Firefox among others reworking their browsers so that they support PWAs. Microsoft for one has promised that it’ll be allowing users of the Edge browser to install and run PWAs just like they are native

Privacy Badger is coming to Microsoft Edge soon

Popular web extension Privacy Badger might finally be coming to Microsoft Edge soon. The company recently announced the news GitHub. For those who don’t know, Privacy Badger is free, open-source extension for both Firefox and Chrome which blocks advertisements and cookies that don’t follow the Do Not Track setting in a user’s

Microsoft Edge for Android will show Ninja Cat emoji if you open more than 100 tabs

It looks like Microsoft Edge for Android has a fun little Easter Egg. The Easter Egg was apparently added to the browser after a recent beta update to v42.0.0.2519 which also added number count inside the tabs icon. The Easter Egg comes into play if a user opens more than 100