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We Still Need Speed: Hope for a High-Speed Future

“As soon as the 450-kph [280-mph] milestone has been established as the new benchmark, 500 kph [311 mph] will be the next focus. That’s the direction progress takes, like it or not. “—Wolfgang Dürheimer When the news broke that a specially prepped Bugatti Chiron had reached 304.773 mph (490 kph)

Mitsubishi Boss Says Company Will ‘Probably Not’ Retire From U.S.

The new CEO will release a midterm plan before April 2020. Takao Kato will likely be Mitsubishi Motors’ next CEO, pending the approval at an upcoming shareholders’ meeting. Under his watch, the company won’t abandon its the North American market, according to Kato’s recent statements. Mitsubishi’s Future Is Uncertain, Yet

Forget Windows, these are Microsoft’s future platform bets

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott recently gave an interview to Fortune magazine discussing about Microsoft’s future, challenges related to AI, and more. In the interview, Kevin Scott was asked whether Microsoft will continue to invest in new technologies like VR/AR if they didn’t get enough user adoption as expected. Kevin confirmed