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Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover range claim: 370 miles

Ford has dropped a juicy detail about its much-anticipated but still-unnamed Mustang-inspired electric crossover, saying it will boast a driving range of 370 miles when it hits in 2020. That certainly sounds impressive, but keep in mind those figures are based on the European WTLP cycle and still preliminary. Official

Ford teaming up with Walmart and Postmates on robot deliveries

Ford is joining forces with Walmart and Postmates to create a grocery delivery service using self-driving vehicles in Miami, the companies announced Wednesday. Ford has been using Miami as a test bed for its self-driving vehicles since earlier this year. And more recently, the auto giant joined with Postmates to see how

Ford’s big electric push will start with this Mustang-style crossover

This week, Ford showed off the first teaser image (seen above) of an all-electric performance SUV codenamed “Mach 1.” The drawing comes almost nine months to the day after the company announced the Mach 1 at the Detroit Auto Show, alongside the news that it was upping its investment into electric vehicle

Data breach exposes trade secrets of carmakers GM, Ford, Tesla, Toyota

 Security researcher UpGuard Cyber Risk disclosed Friday that sensitive documents from more than 100 manufacturing companies, including GM, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Tesla,  Toyota, ThyssenKrupp, and VW were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics. The exposure via Level One Robotics, which provides industrial automation services, came through rsync, a common