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We Tried Everything On Planter’s Cheez Ball-Inspired Food Truck Menu, And It Was Weirdly Amazing

When I was tasked with covering Planters limited-edition Cheez Ball Pop-Up Food Truck, I was skeptical as to what the seasoning would go well with. Don’t get me wrong here. I love a Cheez Ball, but is it *really* as good ground up and sprinkled on a lobster roll? Nope.

Indy 100 Endangered sharks being served up in British fish and chip shops, study reveals

British customers might by eating critically endangered shark species when they visit their local fish and chip shop, according to a new study. Hammerhead sharks and dogfish were among the vulnerable varieties on offer in British outlets. Scientists sampled shark products from fishmongers, chip shops and an Asian food wholesaler

How to eliminate the threat of autoimmune disorders safely and naturally

At least 50 million Americans have some form of autoimmune disease, and some individuals may even live with more than one. Unfortunately, food produced in the country is becoming more processed and contains more GMOs (genetically modified organisms) than ever, which can only worsen the conditions of people with autoimmune disorders. What

Powerful foods that eliminate intestinal parasites

Your body can be a host to parasites, most of which exist even without your knowledge. Among the body parts you can find them most commonly in are your intestines. Although most of them are small, these intestinal parasites can wreak havoc on your health. Fortunately, there are foods you

Nitrates found in cured and processed meats increase the risk for mania

Research published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry has shown that nitrates, which are chemicals used to cure meats like beef jerky, hot dogs, salami, and other processed meats, increase the risk of mania. Mania is an abnormal state of mood characterized by hyperactivity, euphoria, and insomnia. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of

Taking pleasure in what you eat is good for your diet and overall health

The typical health advice for the average American includes suggestions to eat more fruits and vegetables and to consume less saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. But according to an article by Alissa Rumsey, which was published on U.S. News, following “fun” health advice from other countries could be better for your overall health.