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how long you will have to wait for the folding Samsung Galaxy F

Last year at Samsung’s developer conference, the company showed off their folding phone prototype, but did not say exactly when the phone will be going on sale. The revolutionary product features a 7.3 inch internal flexible screen and a smaller screen on the outside, and includes additional technologies such as

Patent shows off Samsung’s flexible tablet design

While previous flexible-screened smart devices appeared to focus more on the phone segment, we have seen Lenovo recently tease folding laptops instead, and now it seems Samsung may also join that bandwagon. In a new patent, filed April 2018 at the USPTO by Samsung Display and published on the 11th October, Samsung

Samsung might be launching a foldable laptop with flexible screen soon

It looks like Samsung is obsessed with foldable displays as the new leak reveals that the Korean giant might be working on a foldable laptop. We have already seen the company confirm on multiple occasions that they’re working on a foldable smartphone which will be launched soon. Now a new statement

New video shows off Lenovo’s concept foldable phone

Foldable phones have been a popular fantasy among smartphone companies and we have seen plenty of concept phones and patents from the companies in the past. Companies like Samsung have showcased foldable displays on various occasions. It looks like Lenovo is also planning to launch a foldable smartphone soon. In

Nubia’s wearable smartphone is a preview of our flexible OLED future

The most interesting prototype at IFA this year was the Nubia Alpha, an Android-based device the company bills as a “wearable smartphone.” The Alpha tries to realize one of the enduring gadget dreams: having a smart device with a display that wraps around the user’s wrist. I checked it out