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Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all

Mozilla today announced that its free file transfer service Firefox Send is now available for everyone. Mozilla today also announced the launch of Firefox Send beta for Android devices. Firefox Send offers end-to-end encryption along with security controls that you can set. For example, you can choose when your file link

Firefox will now also warn you of compromised sites

Back in September last year, we reported that Mozilla has partnered with Have I Been Pwned to let users know if their accounts have been compromised during a data breach. At that time the company was working with Have I Been Pwned and named its service “Firefox Monitor”. Now the company

Firefox users not happy with Mozilla’s extension ads

Mozilla has finally started rolling out their Firefox extension recommendation experience to US Firefox users and unsurprisingly users are not happy. In reddit thread in the /firefox subreddit users are demanding “Less of this please” users are demanding: The thread has 344 points and is 89% upvoted, showing the sentiment

Firefox to finally get a basic privacy feature Chrome and Edge had for ages

Firefox is currently marketing itself as the privacy alternative to Google’s data slurping Chrome browser, but it turns out the browser has had a major privacy flaw which competitors, including Chrome, Edge, Opera and more have all fixed ages ago. It turns out that while other browsers disabled extensions by

Firefox caves to pressure, to shut down controversial screenshot upload feature

Mozilla has positioned Firefox as the champion of privacy and independence on the internet but appears to be increasingly at risk of losing the trust of users. The latest controversy regarding the company is its implementation of the screenshot feature, which uses clear dark patterns to trick users into uploading

First native ARM64 Firefox Nightly Build now available

We reported in December that Qualcomm was working with Mozilla to bring optimized-version of Firefox web browser for Snapdragon Windows PCs which would offer greater performance with multi-threaded support. Firefox said it would make each browser tab run on individual CPU cores as the newly announced Snapdragon 8cx is a

Mozilla on Firefox Snippets browser ads: It’s just an experiment, bro!

 We reported yesterday that Mozilla has been inserting more ads in their Firefox browser, this time in the Snippets section of the New Page window. Now Mozilla has revealed more about this new “feature” to VentureBeat. In a statement Mozilla PR’s Justin O’Kelly revealed that they have been sending out

Google is planning to add a Firefox feature to Chrome to help those with tab overload

With more and more services now being offered via the web, having hundreds of tabs open is becoming a feature of our daily computing lives. Managing those tabs, however, becomes increasingly challenging as their number increases, especially on Chrome where at some point they become reduced to mere slivers without

How to Install Progressive Web Apps and create web app shortcuts with Google Chrome

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing in desktop computing, with Microsoft, Google and Firefox among others reworking their browsers so that they support PWAs. Microsoft for one has promised that it’ll be allowing users of the Edge browser to install and run PWAs just like they are native

Privacy Badger is coming to Microsoft Edge soon

Popular web extension Privacy Badger might finally be coming to Microsoft Edge soon. The company recently announced the news GitHub. For those who don’t know, Privacy Badger is free, open-source extension for both Firefox and Chrome which blocks advertisements and cookies that don’t follow the Do Not Track setting in a user’s

Mozilla rolls out a new update for Firefox Quantum browser

Mozilla is rolling out a new update for its Firefox Quantum web browser. The new update bumps the browser to v63 and brings the following new changes and features. Performance and visual improvements for Windows users Firefox theme now matches the Windows 10 OS Dark and Light modes Performance improvements

Mozilla adds the ability to open mailto links within the browser in the latest nightly update

Mozilla has finally added the support for mailto links in Firefox. The request to add support for mailto links to the browser was made 7 years ago and is finally addressed. The users running Firefox Nightly can head down and follow the steps to enable mailto links in Firefox browser. Go

Firefox adds support for the native Windows 10 Share dialogue

A welcome development in recent months has been the increasing adoption of native Windows 10 features by major 3rd party developers. This includes support for native Windows 10 notifications for example by Chrome and Firefox, and now in the latest move support for the native Windows 10 Share dialogue by

Mozilla updates the Firefox about: performance page in the latest Nightly build

Mozilla has released a new update which revamps the about: performance page of the Firefox web browser. The update is currently available to those who have installed the Nightly builds of the browser. To try out the new about:performance page, open Firefox Nightly and follow the steps below: Visit about:config Find