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As consumer facial recognition software becomes more omnipresent, Microsoft’s call for regulation seems wise

On Friday, Apple will release the iPhone XS and XS Max with the XR coming in October. All these phones will partake in the annual ritual of being praised for their Appleness and criticised for the price, as per usual. These devices will also all ship with Face ID, a

NEC unveils facial recognition system for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

NEC has announced that it will provide a large-scale facial recognition system for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The system will be used to identify over 300,000 people at the games, including athletes, volunteers, media, and other staff. It’s the first time that facial recognition technology

Microsoft calls for regulation on facial recognition technology

Facial recognition systems are getting more ubiquitous. From the iPhone X’s Facial ID, to Windows Hello, to Facebook’s automated tagging, it is getting easier for companies — and anyone with access to their tech — to track you simply by your face. And unlike fingerprints, you don’t have 10 faces

Australian airport begins passport-free biometric check-in trials

Qantas passengers who travel through Sydney Airport will be among the first groups of travelers to use facial recognition in automated check-ins, bag drop, lounge access and plane boarding. The system will ultimately allow officials to process travelers quicker. Early trials which provide a glimpse into a seamless, passport-free future are currently

Microsoft announces improved facial recognition tech that can recognize gender across skin tones

Microsoft today announced its improved facial recognition technology that can now recognize gender across skin tones. Recently, there were reports that facial recognition technologies in general more accurately gender of people with lighter skin tones than darker skin tones, and also they performed best on males with lighter skin and