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UK Parliament denounces Facebook as ‘digital gangsters’

At this point, the real news is which country’s Parliament isn’t denouncing Facebook. But nevertheless, it got another drubbing on Monday morning by the UK Parliament’s  Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee’s which recently issued a report on its 18-month investigation into disinformation and fake news. Facebook, in particular,

Facebook is on track to recieve a multi-billion dollar fine

The Washington Post reports that Facebook and the FTC are having discussions about a multi-billion dollar fine due to Facebook’s privacy issues over the past year. While the exact amount isn’t clear yet, as Facebook continues its negotiations with the FTC, the firm would want to avoid the public image damage

Instagram will soon let you use Direct messaging on the web

Instagram Direct Messages might be coming to the web app, according to tests spotted by Facebook watcher Jane Manchun Wong. Facebook is currently running a test allowing users to send and receive Instagram DMs (Direct Messages) directly from the browser. While the firm has offered a web app for some years now, some

Facebook Messenger gets one of the best features

Most of us would have accidentally sent a message to a wrong person or mistyped something during a chat. Until now, these mistakes cannot be undone easily as the messages once sent cannot be deleted. Starting today, Facebook Messenger is announcing a feature that will allow you to remove your

One Way The Social Network Got Facebook Right

It is the 15th birthday of Facebook, and because that span seems both an extremely short and an extremely long amount of time for Facebook to have existed, I recently re-watched The Social Network, David Fincher’s 2010 film about the founding of the website that would re-shape the world. Here’s

Facebook rethinks their plans to destroy WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

We reported recently what Facebook was planning to merge the back-ends of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, allowing users to cross message each other on each platform, and weaken the privacy controls of WhatsApp in the process. At the time the report stated that Mark Zuckerburg was personally involved in

Apple vs. Facebook fight heats up as Apple bans Facebook from running internal iOS apps

Yesterday, TechCrunch first reported that Facebook is now paying users in the US for sharing their phone and web activity for research purposes. This app is called “Facebook Research” and people who sign-up for this program will receive up to $20 monthly. Facebook is doing this program through beta testing

Some popular Android apps are sharing your data with Facebook without user consent

 Facebook and Privacy scandals. Name a better duo. No seriously, for what seems like the umpteenth time this year, Facebook has been found engaging in behaviour that skirts the creepy line and teeters on kind of illegal — in the EU at least. Privacy International did some research on Facebook’s

Facebook executives shot down plan to reduce toxicity on the platform

Facebook has been criticised for taking part of the political polarisation of society. This had not gone unnoticed by engineers in the firm, who has considered different ways of tackling this. Facebook had thought about working on a tool to bridge users with political views before P of Global Public Policy –

Facebook is expanding its life events functionality

Facebook is working on improving its life events posts from today onwards.Facebook’s David Harris explained on Wednesday, “Life events on Facebook are a way to share, celebrate and come together around your most important milestones with friends and family. Just as they are in real life, life events on it

Facebook adds animated GIFs and more customization to Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite, Facebook’s stripped down version of its popular messaging app, is getting some new features for customization and expression. Starting today, users of the app will be able to send and view animated GIFs, change how conversations with people and groups look and share files with others. Messenger Lite

UK confiscates internal documents of Facebook to investigate privacy practices

The UK Parliment has confiscated all the internal documents of Facebook in an investigation to answer the privacy concerns around the social network. The documents include the details of Facebook’s chain of events that caused the Cambridge Analytica scandal, including emails between executives and conversations with Zuckerberg. The Chairman of the Digital Culture,

Microsoft seen as a safe harbour while Apple, Google’s consumer focus punished

 Microsoft’s focus on enterprise productivity,While we and our readers often complain about investors are once again rewarding the company’s direction while punishing the consumer focus of their competitors. As can be seen in the graph above, year to date Microsoft is still up 22%, while Apple and Google have given