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Exercise lowers the risk of depression

Running is cheaper than therapy,” as the popular Instagram saying goes, but beyond the anecdotal evidence, there’s a robust body of research backing the benefits of exercise, in any form, for mental health. “We can definitely say that exercise can reduce the risk of someone developing depression. The evidence is

Carrying Too Much Extra Fat Can Up Your Odds of Depression by 17%

Having excess body fat, no matter where that fat is located, increases risk of developing depression, according to a new study published in Translational Psychiatry. Carrying about 20 pounds of excess body fat increased depression risk 17 percent, the researchers found. Exercise can help improve body image and mental well-being,

Air pollution linked to bipolar disorder, depression

Air pollution takes a massive toll on our health. The World Health Organization links it to deadly diseases like lung cancer and stroke, and new research suggests that polluted regions see more cases of neurological disorders like depression and bipolar disorder. In the United States, scientists found counties with the

Soon, a Robot May Be Able to Diagnose Depression And Anxiety In Children

One in five children suffers from . Diagnosing these kids is difficult, because those under the age of eight have trouble communicating their emotional states and rely on adults to understand what they’re experiencing. But artificial intelligence might be the answer. According to new research published in the Journal of

Eating pizza, burgers and chips may cause saturated fat to ‘seep into the brain through your bloodstream and trigger depression’

Eating junk food can cause fat to seep into the brain and trigger depression, according to a new study. The research suggests that saturated fat actually enters the brain via the bloodstream. Once there it affects the functioning of part of the brain that controls our emotions, the hypothalamus, and

Ramadan 2019: The health benefits of fasting

Ramadan, which begins on May 6 in most countries this year, is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. It involves abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking from dawn to sunset, in the hopes that it will lead to greater “taqwa”, or consciousness of God. Muslims were commanded to fast during

Signs of Depression That Are Often Missed in Men and How to Help

Carol Povenmire, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with a practice in Pasadena, California. The newspaper article describes the death of a firefighter: He had fought wildfires for weeks in long, low-paying shifts away from home, worked through alcohol use and a recent separation from his wife and seen the aftermath

Nine free apps you can use to help your mental illness

If you suffer from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, know that you are not alone: In a given year, about one in five US adults – or 43.8 million – experience mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. But there is hope, and help. Even though

How music can change the way you feel and act

Music is present in every part of our lives. Our spiritual rituals are framed with songs, children learn the alphabet through song and the malls and cafes we visit during our leisure time are rarely silent. But just how much can this ever-present thing impact us — and the way

Mediterranean diet named the best for 2019

f you’re a fan of the Mediterranean diet, get ready to do a victory dance. For the first time, the Mediterranean diet has won the gold as 2019’s best overall diet in rankings announced Wednesday by US News and World Report. The analysis of 41 eating plans also gave the

Accumulating evidence suggests curcumin and turmeric can treat psychiatric disorders

Livingwith a psychiatric disorder can be devastating for both sufferers and theirloved ones. Unfortunately, many of the solutions offered by modern medicine domore harm than good while offering little in the way of relief. Thankfully,researchers have discovered that a compound in the popular Indian spiceturmeric has the potential to effectively treat

Saffron is an excellent natural for fighting depression

hi.sevahiResearch has revealed that saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is a great herb for fighting depression. The study, which was published in the Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, looked at the effects of saffron on anxiety and depression. Drugs used to treat anxiety and depression come with serious side effects, so alternative

Plantain may hold the key to treating depression naturally

Depression is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease, it being the leading cause of disability for many areas in the world. Despite its prevalence, scientists have yet to determine a cause for the condition. This lack of information has contributed to many patients seeking help in