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Study: Decline in Heart Disease and Stroke Deaths May Be Over

One primary reason that longevity in the United States has grown for decades is more effective treatments for cardiovascular disease. That has, among other things, lowered the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke. But the period of progress may have ended, according to a new study. Researchers at

Indoor smoking ban tied to heart attack decline in older adults

(Reuters Health) – Heart attack rates dropped among older adults in Scotland in the decade after a nationwide indoor smoking ban took effect, a new study suggests. Scotland banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces and workplaces in 2006. There was a 17% reduction in heart attacks in the first

The real (surprisingly comforting) reason rural America is doomed to decline

According to the United States’ original 1950 urban classifications, rural America is crushing it. It’s home to about as many people as urban America, and it’s growing faster. So why do headlines and statistics paint rural areas as perpetually in decline? Because the contest between rural and urban America is

Automobile production, domestic sales decline marginally in February

During the 11 months ended February 28, total PV production grew 7.7 per cent to 26.6 million units compared to 24.7 million units during the same period of the previous financial year Production of automobiles, excluding commercial vehicles and three wheelers, has seen a marginal decline of 2.2 per cent