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Samsung Galaxy A90 and Note 10 pop-up on Geekbench ahead of the official launch

Samsung is rumoured to launch the Galaxy Note 10 soon. The company has been working on the Galaxy Note 10 since the launch of Galaxy Note 9 last year. However, the company hasn’t given up on other Galaxy series as well. According to a new Geekbench listing, Samsung is planning

Mitsubishi Boss Says Company Will ‘Probably Not’ Retire From U.S.

The new CEO will release a midterm plan before April 2020. Takao Kato will likely be Mitsubishi Motors’ next CEO, pending the approval at an upcoming shareholders’ meeting. Under his watch, the company won’t abandon its the North American market, according to Kato’s recent statements. Mitsubishi’s Future Is Uncertain, Yet

Xiaomi’s folding phone would be half of the price of the Galaxy Fold

Samsung and Huawei both launched their much-awaited folding smartphone at this year’s MWC. And while the tech industry got divided over ‘innies’ vs ‘outies’ debate, one concern that the two parties share is the price point. And that’s about to change. According to sources, Xiaomi is ready to break the rules.

A new vulnerability in Microsoft Word allows attackers to bypass all the Anti-Malware Defences

A new vulnerability that affects Microsoft Word has been discovered by a group of researchers from Mimecast Research Labs. The vulnerability affects Microsoft Word and Microsoft seems disinterested in patching it any time soon. The researchers confirmed a bug that allows hackers to evade all security measures such as antimalware

Microsoft is planning to open another flagship store in Soho

While we are still waiting for a Microsoft Store in London, it appears Microsoft is already planning another flagship store in Soho, New York soon. The company has been eyeing on a building in 300 Lafayette Street and has already leased it according to the recent reports. The outlet still isn’t final and

Gmail app developers have been reading your emails

Third-party app developers can read the emails of millions of Gmail users, a report from The Wall Street Journal highlighted today. Gmail’s access settings allows data companies and app developers to see people’s emails and view private details, including recipient addresses, time stamps, and entire messages. And while those apps