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This disabled dog got a pair of 3D printed legs that will change his life forever

A lucky dog received the gift of walking again – with the help of 3D-printed legs. The adorable husky, Derby, was born with no front paws and small, deformed front legs. His mobility was severely limited until Tara Anderson, a project manager at 3D design and printing company 3D Systems, took him in as

7 surprising things you probably didn’t know about hiccups

Hiccups can be incredibly frustrating – especially since they seemingly come out of nowhere. Despite being a common occurrence, scientists still aren’t entirely sure why hiccups happen or how to cure them. They do know, however, that the sensation occurs when a person tries to breathe in but an involuntary

There Are Only 2 Ways To Deal With Loneliness In Marriages & Relationships

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why do I feel so alone?”, or wondered how to deal with loneliness in a relationship, you’re in the right place. The sheer fact that you recognize that you feel lonely in your marriage or relationship is great awareness. Take a moment to imagine what relationships would be

How will AI change our lives? Experts can’t agree — and that could be a problem.

Artificial intelligence is playing strategy games, writing news articles, folding proteins, and teaching grandmasters new moves in Go. Some experts warn that as we make our systems more powerful, we’ll risk unprecedented dangers. Others argue that that day is centuries away, and predictions about it today are ridiculous. The American

Climate change will shift the oceans’ colours

By 2100, the ocean as we know it is likely to change colour. That was the conclusion of a study published Monday in the journal Nature Communications that modeled how phytoplankton will change as oceans continue to warm. Under a “business-as-usual” scenario in which greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, the

Why Enceladus’ Ice Is Part of the Climate Change Conversation

Beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, Enceladus, an ocean dwells. Traces of it get expelled skyward through cracks in the crust via cryo-volcanic plumes. What’s found in the ice grains and vapor are nothing less than the rudiments of life. “We are, yet again, blown away by Enceladus,”

WhatsApp rolls out a fix for Windows Phone users

WhatsApp has just released an update which brought group video messaging to Windows Phone users. Today the company has released another minor update, this time to address a new bug with the messaging service. The update takes the app to version and has the following changelog: Fixed the “incorrect notifications