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Seeing is believing: What makes synthetic motor oil better

You’ve probably heard folks talking about the superiority of synthetic motor oil. You may even use it yourself—if you drive a newer high-performance car, it’s probably mandatory per the owner’s manual. But full-synth oil is one of those things that’s gone from smart car-maintenance advice to car dad folklore. You

Is Carbonated Water Really a Better Alternative Drink?

Unlike matcha and kombucha, carbonated water has been on people’s radars for…well, a while. Now though, brands are reinventing the old school sip with healthy ingredients like real squeezed fruit instead of “natural flavors.” But is carbonated water all it’s cracked up to be? Is it a better option than

These Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods Are All Less Than $5 and Taste Better Than Takeout

Trader Joe’s is a paradise of frozen food—that doesn’t taste like frozen food. The grocery store prioritizes ready-to-eat items, and over the years, has excelled at developing frozen meals that will fool your taste buds into thinking you ordered takeout from your favorite place down the block. As with most