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Aston Martin Shows Off Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake in New Photos

Last year, Aston Martin revealed that its Vanquish Zagato line would receive a shooting brake variant, but aside from its lady-in-red teaser released at the time, Aston would remain tight-lipped about the shooting brake. The exterior of the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brakes gives a very mixed appearance, showing classic Aston

Aston Martin teases its first battery-electric sports car, the Rapide E

Aston Martin just released a few tantalizing details about its forthcoming, ultra-exclusive battery-electric sports car, a first for the famed British marque. This will be a very quick, very expensive, very beautiful car, so buckle up. The official name has been changed from “RapidE” to the more awkward-to-pronounce “Rapide E” — presumably

Aston Martin’s Volante Vision is a luxurious flying taxi

Aston Martin is the latest luxury car company to express interest in creating a personal aerial vehicle. Today, the company unveiled its plans for a “flying car,” a three-seat aircraft called the Volante Vision Concept. The hypothetical concept craft’s design will makes its debut at the Farnborough Air Show this month.