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7 surprising things you probably didn’t know about hiccups

Hiccups can be incredibly frustrating – especially since they seemingly come out of nowhere. Despite being a common occurrence, scientists still aren’t entirely sure why hiccups happen or how to cure them. They do know, however, that the sensation occurs when a person tries to breathe in but an involuntary

Chronic Wasting Disease: Risk ‘Very High’ of Transmission to Humans

In the 1980s, Michael Osterholm was among a vanguard of public health scientists warning of a new, potentially deadly disease known as AIDS, and how people were at high risk. The next decade, he sounded the alarm about a mysterious neurological ailment showing up in cattle in the United Kingdom

Russian islands declare emergency after polar bear ‘invasion’

A remote Russian archipelago declared a state of emergency on Saturday after an “invasion” of dozens of polar bears, that country’s state news agency said. A local official, Alexander Minayev, said that 52 polar bears were spotted between December and February near Belushya Guba, a settlement on the Novaya Zemlya