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Why Are Humans The Only Animals Prone To Heart Attacks?

It’s always been a puzzle to scientists why cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks are more common among humans compared to the other animals that inhabit our planet. Carnivores feast on meat, raw meat, so why aren’t they dying in droves from coronary heart disease? An evolutionary gene loss among

7 surprising things you probably didn’t know about hiccups

Hiccups can be incredibly frustrating – especially since they seemingly come out of nowhere. Despite being a common occurrence, scientists still aren’t entirely sure why hiccups happen or how to cure them. They do know, however, that the sensation occurs when a person tries to breathe in but an involuntary

Chronic Wasting Disease: Risk ‘Very High’ of Transmission to Humans

In the 1980s, Michael Osterholm was among a vanguard of public health scientists warning of a new, potentially deadly disease known as AIDS, and how people were at high risk. The next decade, he sounded the alarm about a mysterious neurological ailment showing up in cattle in the United Kingdom

Russian islands declare emergency after polar bear ‘invasion’

A remote Russian archipelago declared a state of emergency on Saturday after an “invasion” of dozens of polar bears, that country’s state news agency said. A local official, Alexander Minayev, said that 52 polar bears were spotted between December and February near Belushya Guba, a settlement on the Novaya Zemlya