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Amazon and Walmart want you to think they always have the best prices. A smaller competitor is showing otherwise.

Jeff Yurcisin spent 14 years rising up the ranks of Amazon. But now, as the president of discount shopping site Zulily, he’s trying to expose one of Amazon’s Achilles’ heels. Zulily is introducing a feature on Wednesday that aims to show online shoppers how much cheaper its prices are than

Brazil’s Amazon fires threaten the animals and organisms that live there

As flames burn through Brazil’s rainforest, its inhabitants are at risk of losing their homes. The fires pose a serious threat to the Amazon’s delicate balance of ecosystems, putting pressure on already endangered species of animals. Expect a significant loss of wildlife, says Roberto Troya, Vice President for Latin America

Microsoft Azure continues to lag behind Amazon in the cloud infrastructure market

Research and advisory firm Gartner recently published its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Worldwide 2019 report. According to the report, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud were the leaders in the market. Among the leaders, AWS was clearly dominating the market with a wide

Amazon aims to take over the high ground with 3,236 “Project Kuiper” Internet satellites

One of the ways Amazon has been avoiding paying taxes on their billions in revenue is by ploughing their profits into new logistic ventures such as their own warehouses, airlines and shipping lines. Today Amazon revealed a new money sink project, “Project Kuiper,” which aims to create a worldwide satellite internet network

New USB-C to Surface Connector cable charge your Surface from a battery bank

Microsoft’s Surface USB-C dongle is $79 and rather massive, but you can now purchase a 3rd party USB-C to Surface Connector cable brings the best feature of it, universal charging, to your Surface for only $19.99. Created by J-Go Tech, the cable does not appear to offer any data functionality but does support

Amazon targets unprofitable items, with a sharper focus on the bottom line

Amazon.com Inc. has trained people to buy everything from major appliances to daily staples online. Now it is having second thoughts about some of those sales because they don’t make money—and is pushing big brands to change how they use its site. Items are known as CRaP, short for “Can’t

Amazon’s Echo smart Wall Clock now on sale for only $29.99

Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock, announced in September this year, is now on sale for only $29.99.The battery-powered Echo Wall Clock acts as an Echo companion device and comes with Bluetooth to pair to Echo device. Amazon says the clock will help customers keep a tab on reminders, alarms and even