Massive vulnerability in Microsoft NTLM protocol discovered, and patching is not enough to protect you

A massive new vulnerability has been found in Microsoft’s NTLM authentication protocol which could result in remote code execution on any Windows machine or authenticate to any web server that supports Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA) such as Exchange or ADFS. The two critical Microsoft vulnerabilities that consist of three logical

Taco Bell Is Testing An Avocado Ranch Bowl That Comes With Chips And Guac

In years past, Taco Bell has been named the healthiest fast food joint thanks to its Fresco and Cantina menus and veggie-loaded menu items. If the chain’s newest ingredients are any indicator, the brand is looking to keep that title. As part of its newest test menu, Taco Bell is

Study: Nitrates in drinking water linked to cancers

A new study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group and researchers from Northeastern University found that nitrate pollution in U.S. drinking water could cause over 12,000 cases of cancer each year. The peer-reviewed study is published in the journal Environmental Research. Nitrates are a type of plant nutrient found in land and

Go inside the futuristic factory where Mercedes-AMG builds its 416-hp engine

I’m no stranger to Mercedes-AMG’s “One Man, One Engine” assembly plant, where every AMG engine is hand-assembled by a single individual. But upon entering a closed-off area on a higher floor, I would’ve thought that I’d walked through a portal into an alternate dimension. It’s quiet. It’s clean. The usual

Blue Bell’s Southern Blackberry Cobbler is Back for the Summer!

Come summertime in the South, the last thing anybody wants to do is turn on the oven. So, what’s a cobbler-lover to do between June and August? Fortunately, the brilliant minds at Blue Bell have made it both easy and refreshing to enjoy a blackberry cobbler in the summer—no sweaty

Women’s World Cup: Dutch and Sweden leave it late as USA smash record

Day five at the 2019 Women’s World Cup produced last gasp drama, the weather playing havoc and the pre-tournament favourites obliterating the biggest win record. Here’s what you may have missed. New Zealand’s resilient defensive display against the Netherlands came up marginally short at the death as they fell to

NYC Burger King has been passing off beef as Impossible Whoppers

People abstain from meat for plenty of reasons—ethical, dietary, religious—and for many, this choice is a serious one. That makes this news of a Burger King in Brooklyn, which admits to serving regular beef burgers to customers who’d ordered vegan Impossible Whoppers, more than a mere mix-up. Eater reports the

VA bans smoking, vaping at its hospitals

Smoking and vaping will no longer be allowed at Veterans Affairs (VA) health care centers across the country starting in October, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced Tuesday. Historically, permitted designated smoking areas were available at VA facilities. The new policy will limit smoking of all kinds, including cigarettes