Microsoft adds more Edge features to Chromium

Based on commits by Microsoft’s engineers, they are currently petitioning to add two new features to Chromium.

One is support for  Windows 10’s system styling for captions displayed in a video.  The Chromium post is titled ‘Add support for Windows system styling for captions’ and proposes:

  • Add 4 new properties to CaptionStyle.
  • Adds a WindowsCaptionStyle class that extends CaptionStyle and adds Windows support for webvtt caption styling.
  • Adds command line flag ‘–enable-windows-caption-style’ which is needed to run platform specific code.

Microsoft is also working to add background opacity, window opacity, and window colour.

The other big feature Microsoft is trying to add is support for Chromium as a drag and drop target for Outlook.exe attachments.  Microsoft writes:

“Users should be able to drag email messages or email attachments out of Outlook.exe and drop them on a file hosting service website such as OneDrive or Google Drive, just as if dragging files from File Explorer.”

This feature is already supported in Edge for Windows 10.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has leaked a screenshot of the installer for Chromium Edge, showing that the browser is already being tested.  Hopefully, public testing will commence shortly also.


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