Julio Jones, Falcons agree to richest WR contract in football

Julio Jones has been seeking a contract extension from the Atlanta Falcons all summer, and the star wide receiver finally got his wish one day before the start of the regular season.

Jones and the Falcons have agreed to a three-year extension worth roughly $66 million, according to multiple reports. The new deal will make Jones the highest-paid wide receiver in football.

Jones previously did not commit to playing in Week 1 without a new deal in place, but it seemed unlikely the Falcons would ever let it get to that point. He also exhibited some “bizarre” behavior in practice this week that led to speculation that he could either be upset about his contract or battling an injury, so we now know it won’t be the former.

Jones, 30, has dominated opposing defenses throughout his career. He had 113 catches for 1,677 yards last season and has surpassed 1,400 yards receiving in each of the last five seasons. He is a six-time Pro Bowler.


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