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As health insurers make it easy for scammers to steal millions, who pays? You

Insurers are regarded as defenders of health care dollars, but the case of David Williams shows how they allow costs to rise. Ever since her 14-year marriage imploded in financial chaos and a protective order, Amy Lankford had kept a wary eye on her ex, David Williams. Williams, then 51,

A trend in housing could be pointing toward a recession

Housing is providing another in a line of troubling signs pointing to a substantial economic downturn. A Federal Reserve economist, in fact, says the current backdrop is similar to recent slumps, with several metrics “consistent with the possibility of a late 2019 or early 2020 recession.” “Data on single-family home

Survey: More than half of Americans lose sleep over money troubles

Many Americans admit to tossing and turning at night over their various worries, but a new Bankrate survey reveals that financial security may be one of the main culprits. Fifty-six percent of adult Americans have lost sleep over at least one money issue, with nearly one in three losing sleep