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Advice: How do I give presents without creating a sense of obligation?

Most of my extended family and friends live in far-flung places. We can’t visit them all in any given year, and there are too many to send gifts to annually. I’d like to send gifts (usually “Boston boxes” of regional goodies) to people we’ve stayed with in a given year,

Help! Raising a Baby and Maintaining Friends Is Stressing Me Out

I have a three-month-old and life is pretty great. My husband and I love our little guy. We’re totally obsessed with him, our marriage is flourishing, we’re really good at this nurturing thing, and our baby is healthy and cute. I’ve never been happier.  My friends, however, think there’s something

My job is important to me, but my wife always changes the subject when I talk about it. Can I get her to care?

This debate is more about an individual’s needs than making sure both partners feel equal levels of support. For you to feel supported, you may need to tell your wife you want her to ask you about the projects you’re excited about while you eat dinner together, for example. Perhaps

Dear Care and Feeding: My Son Keeps Calling Me to Pick Him Up From Sleepovers. How Can I Put a Stop to This?

Dear Care and Feeding, My 8-year-old son invariably needs to come home from sleepovers in the middle of the night. He gets homesick. I did as well, so I understand that horrible nauseating feeling. The problem is he keeps wanting to attend sleepovers just the same. This is not a

Write an Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Applying for teaching positions can be daunting because of all of the materials you need to submit. Your cover letter is an especially important part of the application since it highlights your best skills. Writing an excellent cover letter can set you apart from other applicants, so it’s important to