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Early part of flu season ‘not as scary’ as feared, but CDC urges vaccinations

The ominous signs for a harsh flu season have been lurking like the virus itself. First there was this year’s outbreak in Australia – sometimes a predictor of similar trouble in the U.S. – to the presence of the H3N2 strain, which carries an especially powerful punch. So far, though,

WHO launches initiative to boost insulin access for diabetics

The World Health Organization on Wednesday said it had begun an initiative that would cut prices and dramatically increase insulin access for diabetics. The UN health agency voiced alarm ahead of World Diabetes Day Thursday at the soaring prevalence of diabetes in the world, with nearly three times more diabetics

Roche tests “brain shuttle” in humans in Alzheimer’s project

Roche is testing its “brain shuttle” in humans, with the Swiss drugmaker hoping to rejuvenate the theory that removing amyloid plaques from the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease will prove effective despite repeated failures. Azad Bonni, Roche’s head of neuroscience translational medicine and rare diseases, said on Monday that

The surprising ways that exercise can affect your sleep

When you’re not getting one, a good night’s sleep can feel as desirable (and impossible) as a date with a Hemsworth. But did you know that if you’re struggling to sleep properly, exercise can help? According to research, 16 million UK adults suffer from sleepless nights and a terrifying 31%

Clean House Is Not Always Healthy, Study Says

Cleaning your house may allow some unwanted organisms to join you in the kitchen, shower and other areas. That is according to a new study that found cleaning products could wipe out friendly microbes and allow potentially harmful fungi to spread around your place. Researchers analyzed the microorganisms present in

Frozen smoked salmon recalled over potentially deadly bacteria contamination

A Maine company has issued a recall for frozen smoked salmon because it may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause life-threatening illness or death. Mill Stream Corp. (Sullivan Harbor Farm) said the impacted products were sold between March 7 and Sept. 17, 2019, in vacuum-sealed packages. The products, which may

What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Recall

The safety controversy surrounding Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder continues. In December 2018, investigative reporting by the New York Times and Reuters claimed that, for decades, Johnson & Johnson covered up the presence of asbestos (a known carcinogen) in some samples of its talc-based baby powder products. The reports

Deaths From Poor Diet Outnumber Those From Smoking, and Medical Schools Aren’t Helping

In a study completed in 2016, more Americans demonstrated risk factors and died from causes related to poor diet than from tobacco use. Dietary risks accounted for nearly 530,000 U.S. deaths that year, about 10% more than died from cigarette smoking. About 11 million people globally died due to dietary

Health officials disclose another romaine outbreak, now over

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials disclosed another food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce, but they said it appears to be over. The disclosure late Thursday comes after the produce industry said it was stepping up safety measures following a series of outbreaks , including one last year

Regular exercise before breast cancer tied to lower heart risk after treatment

Older breast cancer patients who exercised regularly before their cancer diagnosis may be better protected from the heart-harming effects of cancer treatment, a large U.S. study suggests. Among more than 4,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer when most were in their 60s or older, those who got regular exercise in