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McDonald’s Is Adding Sweet Potato Fries To The Menu And We’re Freaking Out

I’ve got some controversial thoughts about McDonald’s iconic (and universally adored) french fries: They’re not good. And while my disdain for the chain’s subpar side is a topic for another time, I’m happy to report they’re finally doing something about it. McDonald’s is adding some pretty fantastic looking sweet potato

Subway is jumping on the faux-meat bandwagon with a Beyond Meat meatball sub

Subway announced it is rolling out the the Beyond Meatball Marinara sub at 685 locations in the US and Canada in September. The sandwich swaps Subway’s classic meatballs for a vegan plant-based alternative made by Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat has penned deals with chains including Dunkin’, Del Taco, and TGI

This Midwestern Cheese Won Big at the ‘Grammy Awards of Cheese’

In just one calendar year, the food world cycles through several different awards, all with varying degrees of prestige. The James Beard Foundation recognizes chefs, restaurants, authors, and hospitality leaders every May, while the World’s 50 Best Restaurants announces its list every summer. Then there’s the newly minted “World Restaurant

Popeyes Launches Fried Chicken Sandwich by Teaming Up With Restaurant That Ripped Them Off

Two years ago, a small Southern-themed restaurant in Long Beach, California became a national media fixation when the owner got busted for reheating Popeyes fried chicken tenders and serving them to customers as part of a “chicken and waffles” special without disclosing the origin of that first ingredient. And now,

McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets Are Normal Chicken Nuggets With a Spray Tan

That’s not a spicy nugget McDonald’s has unleashed its spicy chicken nuggets on the U.K., promising something spicier than before, a new nug, a genuine update on the fast food classic that is a McNugget. It comes with the #spon approval of tomato and Tabasco sauce. Its exterior is a

We tried Krispy Kreme’s new Reese’s Lovers doughnuts

In March, Reese’s dropped new Peanut Butter Lovers and Chocolate Lovers Cups, which we happily devoured like ravenous seagulls. The chocolate one was OK at best, but the peanut butter one was everything. It gave us purpose, so we were ecstatic to hear that Krispy Kreme had partnered with the

Angry Butterfinger fans slam the candy bar’s new recipe as ‘trash’ and ‘nasty’

Butterfingera rolled out a new recipe earlier this year. Some furious fans are complaining that the revamped version of the candy bar is not as good as the old. A Butterfinger representative said that sales have significantly improved with the new recipe, after facing double-digit sales declines prior to the

Impossible Burger’s ‘Magic Ingredient’ Just Cleared An Important Regulatory Hurdle

Since its inception, Impossible Foods — makers of plant-based products including the Impossible Burger — has been outspoken about the importance of science in their business. Founder Patrick O. Brown is a professor emeritus of biochemistry at Stanford University, and the company website has an entire “science” section. But with