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Hospital’s Audi TT, Mercedes-AMG GT, VW Beetle Come in Kid Sizes

Three toy cars—an Audi TT, a Mercedes-AMG GT, and a Volkswagen Beetle—are roaming the halls of a hospital in Camden, New Jersey. Their mission: to calm kids down as they drive into surgery. The cars were donated by a nearby auto dealership. Heading into surgery doesn’t usually involve a test

Tesla pickup and Semi get potential new rivals from startup Neuron

Just when it appears no other company could possibly jump into the fray and announce its intentions to build electric vehicles, there’s other. This time, it’s California-based startup Neuron, and it’s eying Tesla’ssoon-to-be-revealed pickup and the company’s Semi with its latest reveals. At the Shanghai Import Expo in China last

Hyundai develops next-generation noise cancellation technology

Researchers at Hyundai have developed a new, more advanced version of active noise cancellation. The system is rather redundantly called Road Noise Active Noise Control, or RANC for short. It brings more sensors and computing power to bear against dreaded in-cabin racket. Today’s active noise cancellation technology, ANC, has been

2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S Boasts a Huge Bump in Power and Torque

We recently rode in both the coupe and cabriolet versions of the 992 Turbo S. The 992 Turbo is is powered by a 641-hp twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat-six paired with an eight-speed PDK automatic. It won’t be formally announced until early 2020. The 992-generation Porsche 911 Turbo S won’t go on

Infiniti is blazing an unconventional path to electrification

It’s planning a plug-less gasoline-electric car, and a full EV When it comes to electrification, Infiniti has a history of speaking a great deal but doing little. The Nissan-owned company’s plug-in offensive will start in the 2020s, and it provided preliminary details about the technology that motorists can expect to

We Still Need Speed: Hope for a High-Speed Future

“As soon as the 450-kph [280-mph] milestone has been established as the new benchmark, 500 kph [311 mph] will be the next focus. That’s the direction progress takes, like it or not. “—Wolfgang Dürheimer When the news broke that a specially prepped Bugatti Chiron had reached 304.773 mph (490 kph)