Day: October 18, 2019

Why Is Tourism Slowing in This Favorite Travel Destination?

Not every place can be all things to all people, but Mexico gets pretty darn close. Foodies can dine at some of the best restaurants in the world. Adventurers can dive into cenotes or explore the architectural achievements of pre-Columbian civilizations. And anyone simply looking to relax can luxuriate on

Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Developing, Dying of Cancer

People with psoriasis could be at greater risk of developing or dying of cancer, according to scientists. After trawling through existing studies investigating the link between the two diseases, scientists concluded those with psoriasis had a 1.18-fold increased risk of developing a range of different types of cancer when compared

Walmart Will Now Deliver Groceries Straight to Your Fridge

Grocery delivery just got a little more personal. On Tuesday, Walmart announced the launch of its new direct-to-fridge grocery delivery service called Walmart InHome. The program allows Walmart employees to enter your home and deliver food straight to your fridge or pantry, so you can say goodbye to trips to

Lenovo’s folding Thinkpad X1 laptop gets a release date, and it could be before the Surface Neo

In the summer Lenovo showed off a folding laptop at their Accelerate event. Called the Lenovo Thinkpad X1, the laptop is designed for highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand the best tools, and promising that the unprecedented portability will in no way compromise productivity and reliability. The device was given