Month: September 2019

Apple to skip OLED displays and go with Mini-LED displays for future iPad and MacBook

Apple currently uses LCD displays with LED backlighting to offer high contrast ratio, deep blacks and bright whites in its MacBook and iPad products. While some Windows OEMs have started offering OLED displays in laptops, it looks like Apple will skip OLED displays for its iPad and MacBook. According to

Chevy Corvette C8 convertible buttons have been hiding in plain sight

Can you see them? In the automotive realm, 2019 will go down as the year of the Corvette. We’ve relentlessly reported on pretty much every aspect of the new supercar, not to mention rumors and the unconfirmed variants still-to-come. That’s actually the main reason for this particular article because we’ll

Microsoft sheds light on the role of AI and Machine Learning in assessing Windows 10 update rollouts

Microsoft has been under fire recently for messing up Windows 10 updates yet again. The company had to release a major cumulative update to patch all the bugs in the May 2019 Update. Later a former Microsoft employee released a video explaining how Microsoft used to test Windows and what

José Mourinho is waiting for Real Madrid job as Zidane faces axe

A new report in the British press has confirmed that José Mourinho wants to return to Real Madrid and is confident he will succeed Zinedine Zidane at Santiago Bernabéu. It was revealed on Saturday that the Portuguese tactician had rejected a number of offers from all over the world since

Study examines link between bad air quality and kids’ mental illness

A new study found that after exposure to short-term air pollution, children were more likely to go to the emergency room for anxiety and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Other research has also linked long-term pollution exposure to anxiety and depression in young people. Children in neighborhoods with higher poverty rates

Seeing is believing: What makes synthetic motor oil better

You’ve probably heard folks talking about the superiority of synthetic motor oil. You may even use it yourself—if you drive a newer high-performance car, it’s probably mandatory per the owner’s manual. But full-synth oil is one of those things that’s gone from smart car-maintenance advice to car dad folklore. You