Day: August 9, 2019

Neymar ‘relieved’ after rape case is closed

Neymar is relieved the investigation into rape allegations against him has been closed but the Paris Saint-Germain forward says he will never forget the damage it caused him and his loved ones. Brazilian judge Ana Paula Vieira de Moraes on Thursday accepted a recommendation to close the case after investigators

Huawei Finally Reveals Its Homegrown Alternative to Android

After a U.S. crackdown forced Huawei to imagine a future without access Android, the Chinese smartphone giant began working on its own alternative to Google’s ubiquitous mobile OS. Now, at the company’s annual developer conference, Huawei has finally shared the first official details on its homegrown alternative to Android. HongmengOS—or HarmonyOS,

Scientists Find How Much Coffee Is Too Much for Migraine Sufferers

People who live with chronic migraines but also love coffee might be in luck. A new study by Harvard researchers seems to show that it takes a lot of caffeine to actually set off a painful episode. They found that people who drank fewer than three caffeinated beverages in a

Hubble Telescope’s Gorgeous New Jupiter Views Could Help Demystify Shrinking Great Red Spot

An amazing new image of Jupiter captured by the Hubble Space Telescope could shed light on the gas giant’s mysterious atmospheric dynamics. One of the most prominent mysteries involves Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot, which has been shrinking since at least the 1800s. The centuries-old enigma is very complex, said